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Jerry Miculek’s MMB (Miculek Magnetic Buffer) System

Jerry Miculek's MMB (Miculek Magnetic Buffer) SystemThere is no question that Jerry Miculek is an extremely popular and high-performing shooter. The pro shooter recently released his patent-pending Miculek Magnetic Buffer system which uses rare-earth magnetic technology to provide the end-user with better muzzle control and to dampen the recoil of the AR-15 platform. The Miculek Magnetic Buffer system is specifically designed […]

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AUDIT UTAH: Patriots Organize Rally For a Full Forensic Audit At Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY AT UTAH CAPITOL!

Patriots in Utah will hold a rally on Wednesday for a full forensic audit of Utah’s 2020 election. Election integrity is on the agenda at...

Smoke From Western Wildfires Likely Disrupts Waterfowl Migration in Pacific Flyway

Tule white-fronted geese take off from Summer Lake Wildlife Area in Oregon. Andrea Mott/USGS Western Ecological Research Center A new study conducted by the...

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