[EnforceTac 2023] The Spuhr BAM: An Innovative Red Dot & Magnifier Mount

In this episode of TFBTV, @JamesReeves is at the CZ booth to visit Hakan Spuhr and check out his new BAM mount. According to Spuhr’s description:

“The Ballistic Adjustable Mount (BAM) is intended to provide Aimpoint M4 sight’s with multiple distance settings. It comes as standard with settings for either 5,56 or 7,62 and it´s fully ambidextrous and can be read and adjusted from either side.

As the integral Aimpoint twistmount moves parallel with the sight the aimpoint dot will always be centered in the magnifier or NV device that is attached. For use in low light the 50/200 meter setting have one afterglowing dot to quick and easy show the user that the sight is correctly adjusted.

The ambidextrous knob on the BAM is having visible and fellable “tongue” so that the user know when the “tongue” is in its rearward position. Then the sight is at the 50/200 meter setting, that position is chosen as the ballistic curves are the same. If a gun is zeroed at 50 meters, it´s also zeroed at 200 meter with the same setting. That is very practical for control purposes as it’s not always possible to get access to long shooting ranges. The BAM works equally well both for rifles and machine guns.

As with all other Spuhr products the BAM can be customer specified with other distances if the customer orders it in some quantity.”

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