Cabot Fountainhead OAK Collection Custom 1911 Pistol

Added to the Cabot Guns OAK (One-of-A-Kind) Collection is a new masterpiece dubbed Fountainhead. This custom 1911 pistol is embellished with engraving motifs praising two American architects, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, who are believed to be the inspiration for Ayn Rand to create the characters of her The Fountainhead novel. Hence the name of the pistol, Cabot Fountainhead.

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As our nation entered the twentieth century, American craftsmen were creating world-changing innovations. John Moses Browning would soon design the iconic 1911 pistol. At the same time, Louis Sullivan, dubbed a Father of Skyscrapers, bucked traditional trends to architect buildings that were masterpieces of ornamental modernism. Sullivan also guided the early career of arguably the most well-known American architect: Frank Lloyd Wright. Both Sullivan and Wright are believed to have inspired key characters in the classic Ayn Rand novel, The Fountainhead.

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The Cabot Fountainhead pistol is engraved with shapes and forms distinctive to Sullivan’s architectural style. The engravings are executed by FEGA Master Engraver Otto Carter. The pistol is chambered in.45 ACP and has grips made of pietersite, a crystal originating from Namibia. As in the case of many other Cabot OAK Collection pistols, the Fountainhead also has a unique storage solution – a custom attache case.

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Louis Sullivan is credited with the saying, “Form follows function.” Yet Sullivan himself attributes the origin of this ideal to the Roman architect, Vitruvius, who wrote, “A structure must exhibit the three qualities—firmitasutilitasvenustas—that is, it must be solid, useful, beautiful.”

Like Sullivan’s signature buildings, all Cabot pistols are designed, engineered, and finished to meet Vitruvius’ exacting standards. The Cabot Fountainhead achieves all three with superlative flair. Carter’s original artwork truly captures Sullivan’s genius.

Cabot Fountainhead OAK Collection Pistol (2)

Once again we witness how the talent and craftsmanship of Cabot Guns masters combined with the use of unique materials create a firearm that is beyond just being a firearm. What’s your favorite OAK Collection pistol?

Pictures by Cabot Guns,

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