Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock

Bilson Arms, a firearms and accessories manufacturer located in Broussard, Louisiana, has released a new AR-15 stock called Pivotal Buttstock. The rear portion of this stock rotates around its axis allowing the shooter to tilt the gun without changing the position of the buttstock in their shoulder for more comfortable shooting from different stances or when transitioning between primary and secondary optics/sights.

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We are proud to introduce our newest product, our Patent-Pending Pivotal Buttstock, complete with radial positioning indication. The Pivotal Buttstock was designed to aid in the rotational shooting positions of the attached firearm, utilizing a detent system to give clear indication once the proper tilt angle is achieved! In addition, multiple applications for this system can be applied with a magnitude of different mounting attachments.

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Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock is machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and comes with a black anodized or Cerakote finish of Graphite Black, OD Green and FDE colors. This stock is compatible with mil-spec buffer tubes. The length of pull is adjusted like any other adjustable AR stock. The butt of the stock can be rotated 360 degrees and has built-in positional detent points. You can also set how easily you want the buttstock to rotate by adjusting the tension on the rotating assembly. The height of the butt assembly and the height of the buttplate are adjustable too. To learn more about the design and features of the Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock, watch the below-embedded video.

Bilson Arms Pivotal Buttstock is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $279. Custom engraving services and Cerakote colors can be ordered optionally for an additional cost.

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Pictures by Bilson Arms LLC,

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