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NODs and Night Vision Tubes: Evaluating what Counts

Throughout human history, our species has always looked for advantages in both technology and tactics. The rock became the club, which became the spear,...

Sionyx Aurora Pro: Not Just Night Vision

A long time ago, on an Army base far away, I began my military career training to be a Cavalry Scout. This reconnaissance-oriented occupation was...

GBRS Group: Shadows that Bite

Photography by Josh Munger. An old maxim of creativity is to take two things that aren’t normally seen together and combine them in a way...

Off Grid Living: A Real-world Guide to Going Off the Grid

Off Grid Living: A Real-world Guide to Going Off the Grid A detailed look at three ways people go off the grid, plus the pros...

What If You’re Caught in an Indefinite Blackout?

As world leaders continue to scratch their heads about the best way forward and activists demand immediate solutions to very complex societal issues, we...

Covert Escape Tools: Pocket Preps

Human traffickers, process predators, narco-terrorists, hostage-takers — these are just a few groups within the criminal element that employ unlawful custody. These types of...

Head Start: Night Vision Helmet Setup Guide

The original plan for this article was to outline how to set up a helmet for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). However, there’s...

Night Vision 101 with Don Edwards

Elsewhere in OFFGRID #43, we have some very specific technical articles on night vision related topics: technical specifications on tubes, accessorizing night vision compatible...

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