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The Fenris Chest Rig – Moving Beyond Average

If you don't look at the Fenris and see the 2021 version of the rig used in the film Heat, you lack imagination. Chest rigs...

How to Set Up Your Rifle for Low-Light (or No-Light) Conditions

Every day, most of us have approximately 12 to 16 hours of sunlight to work with. That means we also have approximately 8 to...

Book Review: Violence of Mind by Varg Freeborn

One part criticism, one part methodology, Violence of Mind pokes at the soft tissue of how we think of self-defense in order to build...

VirTra Training: Total Immersion Gun Simulation

Summer 2020 in Arizona wasn’t conducive to live-fire training, given the perfect storm of 115-degree temperatures, wildfire-related shooting restrictions on public land, COVID-induced range...


Somewhere between 3 to 8 percent of the population will deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, in their lifetime. In the past...

A Competitive Advantage with Secret Weapon Training

I recently participated in my very first two-gun match alongside Iain Harrison, RECOIL’s editor-in-chief, and Nick Saiti, a frequent contributor to the magazine. Both of...

Book Review: The Meateater Guide to Wilderness and Survival Skills by Steven Rinella

The Premise: This book is a 21st-century outdoorsman’s manual. It’s meant to be a practical guide to the thoughtful process of gear selection, food...

Gear Up: New Survival Gear for May 2021

Tyrant Designs | S&W Shield Extended Magazine Release COLORS: Various, including Blue, Gold, and RedMSRP: Starting at $25URL: tyrantcnc.com In a life-and-death situation, having a second...

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