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CDC Pushes The “Vaccines” As It Designates The “Delta Variant” As “Variant of Concern”

The ruling class is trying their best to get these experimental gene therapy shots into more arms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

It Has Begun: Want To Work? Get The Jab

The Houston hospital that required its employees to take the experimental gene therapy shot has “paved the way” for others to do the same....

Video Shows Cops Attack, Restrain, Forcibly Sedate 60yo Man with Ketamine for Refusing to ID

This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project.  EDITOR’S NOTE: “Trigger Warning!” If you are still a believer in the...

Farmers Blame The Feds: The “Government Stole Our Water!”

Farmers in the United States have reached a breaking point. They now say that what the government has done has been so disastrous that...

Prepare: CA Drought Could Result In Temporary Power Plant Shut Down

If you have yet to prepare for a “lights out” situation, you had better start. Reports are coming out now that a power plant...

Prepare: They Are Pushing The “Delta Variant” REALLY HARD Right Now

Using fear-mongering terms such as “dangerous” and “concern” and “spreading rapidly”, the mainstream media continuing and ramping up their propaganda surrounding the “delta variant.”...

“This Is Wealth Redistribution”: Blackrock And Other Institutional Investors Buying Entire Neighborhoods At Huge Premiums

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.  EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember, the rulers have already told us we will own nothing and be...

Biden Wants Americans To “Report” “Radicalized” Family and Friends

Source: USNews The Biden Administration is asking Americans to come forward and tattle on each other.  The ruling class wants the slaves to snitch on...

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