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Intro to Raising Chickens

Chickens are great for food and self-sufficiency.  They are the oldest domesticated animal in the world, which means people have been using them for...

Everything you ever wanted to know about Garlic & it’s uses

Garlic has been used by mankind for over 7,000 years! Garlic tastes amazing, at least to us, but did you know just how powerful...

How to make Old Fashioned Ketchup – Recipe

Clipping of an old Fashioned Ketchup Recipe we thought you might like Old-Fashioned Ketchup 48 medium tomatoes (8 lbs.), peeled 2 ripe red peppers, chopped 2 sweet green...

How to Scramble Eggs Inside the Shell

Scrambled Eggs in the Shell? We thought this was a really cool and unique trick! While this may not be very practical it is a...

Have Snow? Make Snow Cream!

It's winter, and it's snowing all over the country. One of my nearest and dearest memories childhood memories was rushing outside and scooping up...

10 Herbs that Heal

When modern medicine is not available, or if you just choose to live a all natural self sufficient life style it's important to know...

Real or Fake Honey? How to tell the difference

Did you know that more than 75% of the honey sold in U.S. grocery stores may not be real Honey? According to testing done...

50 Amazing Money Saving tips & tricks

Most people are watching their dollars and working off a budget to make ends meet. Many are also now looking for natural alternatives to...

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