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Head Start: Night Vision Helmet Setup Guide

The original plan for this article was to outline how to set up a helmet for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). However, there’s...

Night Vision 101 with Don Edwards

Elsewhere in OFFGRID #43, we have some very specific technical articles on night vision related topics: technical specifications on tubes, accessorizing night vision compatible...

Eberlestock Cherry Bomb EDC Bag Dump:

EDC, or Every Day Carry is a deeply personal topic. Everyone has their own ideas of what to have on their person on a...

Cold Weather Survival Pack

Feeling cold is a matter of perspective. Hot summer days can make the nights feel unbearably cool by comparison. This scenario is precluded by...

Gray Man EDC Bag

As a federal agent for 12 years, I never knew if I’d be conducting surveillance, responding to a bomb threat, or meeting with a...

AR Mag Pouch FaceOff: No One Size Fits All.

Considering the vast number of Veterans in the United States, and the manifold uses of America's Rifle, the evolution of AR-15 style mag pouches...

Viktos Operatus XP Jeans Review: A Kick in the Pants

The world we live in seems to be crumbling around us these days. I want a pair of jeans that allows me to carry...

Press Release: Premier Body Armor’s New STRATIS Level IV Plates

We've started spending more time with Body Armor and plate carriers here on OFFGRID in the last months, and if you look at the...

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