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Buck Knives Introduces 5-Knife 2021 Legacy Collection

Knife collectors will have a new set of knives from Buck Knives that feature the best that the company has to offer from some...

POTD: Toyota Tacoma Truck Vault & Saint Victor Rifle

Protection from theft for peace of mind – it’s unfortunate but today there’s a need to protect what’s yours from thieves. Cars are probably...


Hello everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM Turbo K rifle suppressor....

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #19: Angela Harrell – Heckler & Koch USA

TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast continues with an interview with Angela Harrell from Heckler & Koch USA. H&K USA has moved mountains in the...

POTD: Laugo Arms, CZ and Microtech

Two really great 9mm handguns and a large out-the-front automatic knife – that’s the subject for our Photo Of The Day. It’s interesting to...

New Core Duty Rifle from ZEV Technologies

The ZEV Technologies Core Duty Rifle is the second LE and Military focused product from ZEV.  The first product was the O.Z-9 Combat Pistol...

Safariland Third Generation SHIFT 360 Scalable Plate Rack System

The newest addition to Safariland’s customizable armor systems is here with the release of the third generation SHIFT 360 scalable plate rack system. The...

5 Minutes and 145 Shots: Breaking Down the 1986 Miami Dade Shooting

Nearly 34 years ago on April 11th, 1986 at 9:30am eastern, one of the most infamous shootouts in the history of the United States...

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