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CAA USA and TrueTimber Team up to Offer New MCK Models

TrueTimber is probably one of the most popular brands for hunters and outdoorsmen currently on the market. In particular, their Strata camo pattern which...

Mikey Hartman Announces the New CAA MCK PCC Pistol Caliber Carbine

CAA just dropped some pretty big news recently on their YouTube channel by announcing that they will be developing their very own pistol caliber...

Six New Sako Cartridges Have Landed in the USA

Six new Sako cartridges are set to make their debut on the US market soon. Announced via their Facebook page and other social media,...

New Range Boss Folding Pocket Knives from Cold Steel

The folding pocket knife is a near-ubiquitous piece of everyone’s everyday carry tools. Along with a flashlight, firearm, and a ballpoint pen, I almost...

At The Ready – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Firearms Industry

A new series on YouTube is out by the people over at Angstadt Arms called “At The Ready.” The new series gives viewers a...

Boat Guns: Top 5 Long Guns For Boating Defense

We’ve all heard the tired “boating accident” trope, and it was funny while it lasted, but in all seriousness, boating season is upon us,...

POTD: Kalashnikovs and Fire

The first permanent photograph was a contact-exposed copy of an engraving and was made in 1822. Advances in digital photography combined with the Internet...

Wheelgun Wednesday: Colt Cuts For Dealers – a Look Inside a Colt Ad Catalog

You might have seen those old Colt revolver adverts from the late 1800s and early 1900s with their quirky claims and beautifully drawn illustrations....

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