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Horno Oven

A mud-brick oven, or horno, is a great way to bake things while in a primitive living situation. It also offers a nice solution...

Birch Basket

The birch basket is an expedient way to make a water-tight container. One may never need take the bark from a living tree except...

Hoko Knife

A hoko is a simple yet practical knife being easily made in the bush. The first one was found in an archaeological dig near...

Making Char Cloth

Char cloth is a simple tool used by many who enjoy the use of flint and steel fire making. The charred cloth readily receives...

Mess Kit Philosophy

When it comes to backpacking the most important thing is using gear that you enjoy and know how to use. From my experience in...

Straw Mat

The straw mat is a simple and effective method of staying warm in the bush. It can be made out of virtually any dried...

Bracken Fern Fiddlehead

The fiddlehead is perhaps one of the most well-known wild edible. It is very tasty and cooked like asparagus. Usually, when one says fiddlehead they...

Harvesting Cattail Shoots

Cattails are a nutritious plant that are packed full of starches and in a survival situation, that means a good find. The cattail is found...

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