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Italian Government On Verge Of Collapse Amid Battle Over EU COVID Relief

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.  Under the leadership of Premier Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s government has enjoyed a degree of stability...

[TFB GUNFEST] Looking Closer At The KelTec P50

During TFB’s GunFest 2021, we had the chance to talk with KelTec about their new P50 pistol, chambered in 5.7×28. Despite its unveiling last...

GUNFEST GUIDE – Exclusive TFB And TFBTV Coverage Of New Releases

This time last year TFB and TFBTV cast and crew were busy making any last minute plans for SHOT Show 2020. With the COVID-19...

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Mandalor or Pure Fuddlore?

Welcome everyone to the 79th edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to...

POTD: High Explosive Anti Tank in Exercise Ypres

In today’s Photo Of The Day, we are looking at two brothers in arms from the New Zealand Defence Force firing a H.E.A.T missile (High Explosive...

TFB Review: Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Springfield Hellcat

The Springfield Armory Hellcat has been a supremely popular pistol ever since its introduction into the world less than 2 years ago – and...

Heckler Compares Dem Sen. Schumer to Adolf Hitler

Upcoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., was compared to Adolf Hitler by a heckler during a Tuesday press conference.

US Supreme Court Blocks Mail Delivery of Abortion Pill During Pandemic

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday reinstated a requirement that women visit a hospital or clinic to obtain a drug used for medication-induced abortions,...

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