BREAKING: Vehicle With Explosives Outside Library of Congress – Police Are Investigating – Supreme Court Vacated


Washington DC Police are responding to a claim of an explosive device in a truck near the Library of Congress.

Negotiators were sent out to engage with a man in a truck.

Police are investigating.

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New Extreme Long Range Cold Bore World Record


ELR shooter Lindsey Paul posing with her cold bore world record-setting rifle and target.The world of ELR, or “Extreme Long Range” shooting is all about pushing the envelope. The competitive shooters involved in this discipline are continually seeking ever greater levels of distance, accuracy, or both. Where most other shooting disciplines typically measure distance in meters or yards, Extreme Long Range practitioners converse in terms of miles. Competition […]

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Taliban Torch Amusement Park After They Were Filmed Enjoying Bumper Cars the Day Before (VIDEO)


Another Taliban casualty.

On Monday Taliban barbarians were seen enjoying the bumper cars at an amusement park in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday video was released of the amusement park in flames.

The India Times reported:

Taliban militants have allegedly burnt down an amusement park a day after they were seen enjoying rides following the capture of Kabul.

The Taliban militants, some of them with weapons in hand, were seen enjoying a ride on the electric bumper cars in the videos. In another video, Taliban militants can be seen riding small merry-go-round horses.

A new video which surfaced recently shows a similar park blazing in flames after the Taliban set it on fire.

After capturing Kabul, Taliban militants were seen enjoying rides at the amusement park.

In the latest video doing the rounds on social media, an entire amusement park is seen burning with massive flames covering the area at night.

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #33: TFB Staff Writer Rusty S


TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #33: TFB Staff Writer Rusty SFew writers have the tenure and experience that Rusty S of TFB has. Rusty has been researching, reviewing firearms for a very long time and was brought on to the TFB team sometime in 2014. Today on the podcast, he and Pete discuss some pretty humorous situations regarding the end of the world as well […]

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The War In Afghanistan Comes Home


This article was originally published by Matt at What About The Roads?

The story of the “end” of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan isn’t just about the end of the conflict there, it’s also about where it’s headed next. The Pentagon didn’t spend $2 trillion over 20 years to just walk away from one of the most valuable squares on the geopolitical chessboard empty-handed. The possibility for full-scale re-entry into the country is always there but in the meantime, there are plenty of lessons the Pentagon learned there that they’ll be employing stateside.

In the time since we published last week’s story on Biden’s wars, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated rapidly. American troops have already been redeployed as the Taliban stormed across the country to recapture the capital, the U.S.-back president has fled the country, and tragic scenes like those from the airport in Kabul are once again being broadcast to the world. Soon, the U.S.-created Al-Qaida may even be making a comeback.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. For millennia, Afghanistan has been a coveted piece of land which many have attempted to conquer but none have been able to subdue entirely. The Mongols, Persians, and Greeks all briefly absorbed Afghanistan into their ancient empires before ultimately withdrawing. In more recent history the British, Soviets, and now, Americans, have also been forced to make hasty retreats from the unconquerable nation, leaving rival factions to vie for power in their absence.

Knowing this, it’s reasonable to ask why the US and NATO would try yet again. Why lie about there being a connection between Osama bin Laden and the events of 9/11 in order to fight yet another battle for control over the graveyard of empires? A battle, history has proven, one is sure to lose.

One simple answer is that invasion of foreign lands usually enriches a select few of the invaders. Afghanistan sits on a reported $1 trillion worth of rare earth minerals ripe for exploitation by Western corporations. The lucrative opium trade has been helped along by the CIA throughout the U.S. occupation (but who needs opium and heroin when you have fentanyl). Military contractors and weapons manufacturers have handsomely racked in windfall profits at the expense of the Afghan people.

Then there’s the geopolitical power that comes with controlling Afghanistan. “Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some five hundred years ago, Eurasia has been the center of world power,” globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski reminded the world in his 1998 book, The Grand Chessboard. One of America’s grand ambitions in the country is to run a natural gas pipeline through it which would bypass Iran and Russia, breaking their co-monopoly on regional energy supplies. U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has also put a damper on China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, but with a potential departure of American troops, China’s ambitions in the country are quickly on the rise. The encirclement of Iran is made possible by continued occupation as well.

Another major reason to be in Afghanistan all this time has been made explicitly clear in the past few days. The military is going to take all the lessons it learned there and use them at home.

Again, this isn’t anything new. The U.S. military and their cohorts in the intelligence agencies have thorough track records of testing things out on foreign populations before turning their eyes back on the domestic population. Chemical weapons used on the battlefield of Europe during World War I were eventually used at home on unknowing Americans. Intelligence spooks who’d spent years disrupting, infiltrating, sabotaging, and ultimately destroying Communist groups abroad deployed those same tactics against Americans who were opposed to  “the Vietnam War, segregation, and other injustices.” During the Vietnam War, there were frightening parallels between the horrors being carried out by  CIA-created assassins as part of the Phoenix Program and the serial killers stalking America, many of whom had deep military and intelligence ties. Then of course during the so-called War on Terror, Americans and the people in the counties being occupied had their civil liberties eroded greatly in the name of stopping the terrorist boogeymen.

This brings us to today. While Trump made sure that the might of the military-industrial complex never faltered abroad, other social engineers were busy conditioning a domestic audience that the dangers posed by domestic extremists had never been greater.  In Trump’s America, the rise of right-wing “white supremacists” and “extremists” were once again touted as threatening to undo everything the great American experiment had worked so hard to create.

With the stage set, it was easy for the powers that shouldn’t be to find an easy scapegoat to blame the failures of masking and lockdowns on during the COVID-19 pandemic that wasn’t. These selfish anti-science cretins were more concerning than the virus itself and their red-state leaders like Ron DeSantis, and Kristie Noem were only egging them on by not locking them indoors and shutting down the local economy. When these “extremists” weren’t protesting against draconian government mandates they were committing non-stop hate crimes at a time against Black Lives Matters and Stop Asian Hate supports were having their fiery but mostly peaceful gatherings.

This narrative has only grown stronger under the Biden administration as lack of “vaccinations” and subsequent COVID “variants” are being blamed on these domestic threats. Couple this with the renewal of anti-American sentiment abroad on the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and you get the Department of Homeland Security issuing a new terror threat alert which warns of “racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists” who “view the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks.” The DHS also notes their concern over “conspiracy theories on perceived election fraud and alleged reinstatement, and responses to anticipated restrictions relating to the increasing COVID cases” which are perpetuated by “Russian, Chinese and Iranian government-linked media outlets.”

If you have taken any issue with the government reinstating lockdowns, bringing back mask mandates, or requiring experimental injections for participating in society then you are morally on par with the Taliban. If you doubt that Joe Biden received more votes than any other president in history then you are a white supremacist. If you have any questions about the official narrative surrounding the so-called pandemic you may be a dastardly Russian-Chinese-Iranian operative. Whatever the case, if any of this applies to you, the U.S. government now considers you a domestic terrorist threat.

What we can ultimately glean from this newly issued alert is that dark days lie ahead. We can be almost certain that totalitarian restrictions will remerge across the country and we should expect violent retaliation against such measures from both state actors and well-meaning but fed up people. In the fallout from this, even more mandates, restrictions, and lockdowns (maybe worse) will be instated to deal with these terrorist threats. Problem, reaction, solution.

In these dark times, however, we can still work towards growing and building a better future. Groups across the country work towards intervening in their local political scene to prevent or outlaw COVID-19 restrictions from ever coming back. Freedom cells and mutual aid societies continue to spring up and provide alternatives for those of us tired of living in a society that would rather see us destroyed or dead. Millions are voting with their feet and relocating to areas with more freedom-oriented communities. None of these are silver bullet solutions but the one sure way to bring about this apocalypse is to do nothing about it.


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EXCELLENT! 50 New Precinct Committeemen Sworn in at Once in Maricopa County


Back in June, the entire GOP Board of Maricopa County’s Legislative District 15 (LD 15) in North Phoenix resigned.  The old-timers did not like the idea of pro-Trump “America First” committeemen so they resigned.

TGP covered their unprofessional actions, pointing out they gave no notice, and no transition period, leaving the jurisdiction in a bit of a shambles.

But not for long!

Tuesday night in an amazing show of patriotism, 50 new Precinct Committeemen were sworn in by State Senator Nancy Barto. Their oath can be seen in this video. In less than a month, under the new leadership of Joseph (Joe) Abrahamson, this new Chairman of LD15 has added all these PC’s and launched an impressive new LD15 website. It’s complete with a portal to inform and also attract more PC’s.

What an impressive group!

Abrahamson has an impressive background as do all the other new Board Members. Mr. Abrahamson is an Army Veteran with Secret Security clearance, a pilot in both the US Army and US Air Force. He’s a life-long volunteer and Poll worker. He’s currently the Chief Pilot for one owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks. Other Board experience includes professional collaboration, sign language, weaponry, health and wellness, interpreter, marketing, R&D, insurance, and so on.

  • As of July, Maricopa still has 151 precincts with no Republican PC’s.
  • In Maricopa, Republicans added 201 PC’s in June, and 187 in May.
  • Democrats only added 26 in June, and 22 in May.

Unaware of the June leadership resignation, many of the new PC’s tried for weeks to reach LD15 using the contact names and emails from the (old) existing website. No one responded, but they pushed forward, never giving up. The former Chairman, Derrik Rochwalik, did not forward or help these people who were trying to become PC’s. If he couldn’t even forward messages, then which party does he really represent? He now works as a Public Affairs Liaison for the City of Phoenix and a Councilwoman. When contacted by phone, Rochwalik refused to explain his sudden LD15 departure.

Hat Tip Mark

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PETA Pushes Baseless Conspiracy Theory That Missouri Woman is Hiding a Chimpanzee


The deceptively named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is pushing a baseless conspiracy theory that a chimpanzee that was ordered to be turned over to them is being hidden in Missouri.

In July, PETA seized six chimps from the beautiful Missouri Primate Foundation in Festus after a judge ordered that the organization had standing to sue under the Endangered Species Act and seize the animals from their owner.

The “animal rights” organization did this despite warnings from the chimps’ veterinarian and primate experts that they were safe and such a move would place them in “grave danger.”

There were originally seven chimps involved in the lawsuit, but the owner and caretaker Tonia Haddix reported that one of the older males, Tonka, who was 29, passed away due to heart complications in May. The assertion was backed up by the animal’s veterinarian, her husband who handled the remains, and her attorneys.

PETA had seemed to accept that things happen and sometimes animals pass away, until they had seized the six chimps and seemingly decided that they wanted to continue harassing Haddix. 

On August 9, PETA’s lawyer Jared Goodman filed a motion claiming that Haddix had failed to show proof that the chimp had died and that she was hiding him. However, in his motion he failed to disclose that her attorney John Pierce was present when the chimps were seized and offered to provide a portion of the cremated remains if they could figure out an appropriate way to test them.

They suggested both in court and online that Haddix was hiding him.

BREAKING: PETA Seizes Chimps From Safe Sanctuary, Places Them in ‘Grave Danger’ Despite Warnings From Vet and Experts

In an opposition motion filed by Haddix’ attorneys at Pierce Bainbridge and the National Constitutional Law Center, they slammed PETA for lying to the court.

“The Motion is fundamentally premised on a lie: it avers that Ms. Haddix has  “provided no proof” of Tonka’s death. This premise is false, and was false at the time  the Motion was filed: on July 28, 2021, Ms. Haddix’s counsel (Counsel) provided PETA  an email from Jerry Aswegan, the man who cremated Tonka, wherein he expressly states that he cremated Tonka,” the motion says. 

“Counsel also told PETA that Ms. Haddix Tonka’s remains, and that PETA could take a sample for genetic or other testing to  verify their source. Since Ms. Haddix has provided proof of Tonka’s death, PETA is  not entitled to any of the relief requested in the Motion,” the lawyer’s asserted. “Accordingly, this Court should deny the Motion.”

The motion went on to say that “PETA deliberately chose not to do such tests; instead, PETA elected  to seek punitive sanctions against Ms. Haddix. This Court should not grant PETA  any relief when it has deliberately spurned evidence that would prove Tonka’s death. Accordingly, this Court must deny PETA’s Motion.”

PETA claims that they have an anonymous whistleblower who told them that Tonka is alive, which Haddix’ lawyers shot down as hearsay.

Additionally, the organization put out a highly dishonest press release about the conditions at the facility. The Gateway Pundit traveled to Festus and toured the property, which featured a massive and beautiful outdoor enclosure, a series of tunnels so that they could move to different indoor areas, and a clean and air conditioned area where they could cool off, grab something to eat, and interact with Haddix.

Here is what PETA showed:

Here is what Gateway personally went and saw:

PETA referred to this lush and sprawling enclosure as a “decrepit facility” and claimed that the “stench of urine in one room was so overwhelming that a volunteer couldn’t enter—but there was no escape for the chimpanzees forced to live there.” The Gateway Pundit can confirm that there was no “stench” what-so-ever when we visited. These chimps were raised at this facility by a woman named Connie Casey whose love for them was very apparent. PETA had taken issue with her because Tonka modeled for Hallmark and American Greeting cards, as well as appeared in movies, which they believe is exploitation. 

They were transferred to Haddix when Casey could no longer tolerate PETA’s relentless harassment. Their bond with both of these women was incredible to see.

PETA does not believe that any animals should be in human care, including domestic pets — which they kill at a rapid pace at their “shelter.”

The sanctuary that the chimps were moved to said that “Tammy, Candy, Connor, Kerry, Mikayla, and Crystal were transported safely two weeks ago and arrived in good condition.” They are reportedly taking great care of the animals.

In PETA’s press release, they paint a picture of some kind of bizarre horror show taking place, but admit that they had offered to let Haddix keep three of the chimps if she gave them four. Is this really about them being concerned for the animal’s safety? It does not seem like it from where we are standing.

— Those who wish to contribute to the historic legal battle against PETA can do so here. —

Fighting PETA will take some money, as the controversial organization received a whopping $2.6 million from the COVID Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in 2020.

Nearly $2 million of that loan was forgiven this June.

PETA Received $2.6 Million in COVID Bailout Money — Paid Back Only $676,317

PETA’s total revenue in 2020 was $66,277,867, according to financial records posted on their website.

How much of your tax dollars are funding this organization killing defenseless animals?

Documents uncovered by indicated that following an inspection of the PETA facilities, the Commonwealth of Virginia was so shocked by the number of animals that they kill each year that the state inspector attempted to revoke their license to operate a shelter.

Dr. Daniel Kovich, the investigator with the VDACS that conducted the inspection of PETA’s animal shelter at its Virginia headquarters in July, 2010 determined “the facility does not contain sufficient animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually reported as taken into custody.”

It turns out, this is because PETA has never intended to keep animals that are surrendered to them.

“After reviewing two months worth of records, Kovich found that 245 of the 290 animals–84 percent–that PETA took into custody were killed within 24 hours. Only 17 were reported as adopted or in foster homes. Kovich noted that PETA’s shelter did not meet PETA’s own published guidelines for operating a humane animal shelter,” PETA Kills Animals reports.

In 2019, PETA killed 1,500 cats and dogs. The following year, PETA’s so-called “shelter” took in 2,650 animals and euthanized 67% of them — 1,763 animals.

You can watch PETA be confronted about their euthanasia program and proudly admit to it here:


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General Scottie Miller Who Recommended Closing Bagram Air Force Base left Afghanistan in July and Is Expected to Retire Soon


On Wednesday during their confused and pathetic press conference on the Afghanistan catastrophe woke General Mark Milley blamed former CENTCOM Commander Scottie Miller for making the call to abandon Bagram Air Force Base, a strategic military base in Afghanistan.

Instead, the US generals decided to run their operations through Karzai International Airport in Kabul that is now surrounded by Taliban fighters.

Scottie Miller then left the country in July and is expected to retire.
There are still 10,000-20,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan. For some reason, the elites in the military and Biden administration forgot about them during their haste to abandon the country.

Bryan Preston at PJ Media reported:

Relevant to all this, Sen. Mitch McConnell says Biden overrode his military commanders when he decided how to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“If we were to keep both Bagram and the embassy going, that would be a significant number of military forces…that may have exceeded what we had, or stayed the same as what we had,” Milley continued. “So you had to collapse one or the other. And the decision was made, the proposal was made, from CENTCOM commander and the commander on the ground, Scottie Miller, to go ahead and collapse Bagram. That was all briefed and approved and we estimated that the risk of going out of KIA, or the risk of going out of Bagram, were about the same, so going out of KIA was the better tactical solution…in accordance with getting the troops down to a 600, 700 number.”

Who set that number and why? It’s a rhetorical question. We know the White House set that number.

I’ve written about why the choice to abandon Bagram makes little sense, at least from the other side of the world, from a tactical point of view. Bagram is more remote, but was also much more heavily armed and offered a second runway that HKIA does not have. It offered more space to house and feed evacuees. It’s a more defensible position. Using Bagram would have necessitated military armor convoys to make the hazardous trip from Kabul outward, but HKIA is proving to be unworkable so far. It’s surrounded by the Taliban and could itself fall to them. Austin does not deny that we are depending on the Taliban not attacking and overrunning HKIA right now, as it’s full of Americans and Afghans. About 5,000 to 6,000 American troops are currently defending it — roughly double the number of troops Biden withdrew.

NBC ran this story about Miller stepping down from command of U.S.-NATO forces on July 12.

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It Begins: Afghan Mothers Toss Their Babies to British Soldiers Outside Kabul Airport to Save Them from Taliban as Chaos Continues


A scene from the Kabul Airport today. via FJ

Another frantic scene from outside the Kabul Airport. Women huddle with babies as bullets fly.

The Daily Mail reported:

Ex-pats and western visa holders cannot get ‘anywhere near’ Kabul airport today because ‘huge crowds’ of ‘terrified locals’ are blocking the way, MailOnline has been told, despite UK ministers insisting Taliban guards are letting people through checkpoints and planes are not taking off empty.

Videos captured snapshots of the chaos as gunmen fired shots over the heads of panicked crowds while hitting people with rifles – as those on the ground said Taliban fighters were dishing out beatings and lashings seemingly at random, with people being trampled and crushed in the throng.

Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing, a former Marine who now lives in Kabul with his wife, described the scene as a ‘clusterf***’, telling MailOnline: ‘Two ex-pats – one British and one Norwegian – have already been forced to turn back this morning because they can’t get through.

And last night a UN convoy carrying various foreign nationals, who had been working in Afghanistan for NGOs, had to turn round because of the sheer volume of people on the street.’

Such is the desperation among crowds at the airport that women have resorted to passing babies over barbed wire to soldiers in a vain attempt to get them out of the country.

An Afghan-Australian trying to leave the country also told the ABC it is ‘not possible’ to get to the airport because there is ‘lots of firing’ and ‘too many people’ while Max Sangeen, a Canadian interpreter, said his wife and children – including a 20-day-old baby – are trapped in Kabul despite having the correct documents.

But it is not clear what, if anything, western troops can do to help. There are around 6,000 American and 900 British soldiers at the airport – alongside smaller numbers of Turks and Australians – but their jurisdiction only extends up to the perimeter wall. Beyond that, the Taliban is in charge.

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CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Biden State Dept. Focused on Gender Equality as 10,000-40,000 Americans Remain Trapped inside Afghanistan


Over 10,000 and up to 40,000 Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan as the Taliban stormed Kabul this past weekend.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan under the direction of Joe Biden on Wednesday sent out a second security alert to stranded Americans in Kabul:

You are on your own.

Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have abandoned over 10,000 Americans trapped inside Kabul who are not able to leave their homes. If they manage to reach the airport the situation is in complete chaos.

Meanwhile, the Biden State Department is focused on gender equality under the Taliban terror regime.

Via Jack Posobiec.

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