Prepare Now: There Is “No End” In Sight For Skyrocketing Food Prices


The cost of most items is soaring, but the most noticeable jump is in the cost of food. Since everyone has to eat to survive, people are now being forced to skimp on or buy lower-quality food in order to get enough.

Healthier foods have always carried a higher price tag.  But now that the cost of eating has risen dramatically, people are resorting to cheaper processed foods during a time when they should (because the mainstream media keeps telling us there’s a pandemic raging) be concerned about their health.

Groceries have been on an upward trend all year, and these steady price increases may be the new reality. “We’re going to continue to see price increases, probably for the next two years or so,” said Phil Lempert, an analyst and food trends expert known as the Supermarket Guru. According to Forbes, food prices rose again last month by 0.7%, according to the latest consumer price index, released yesterday. That may not sound like a lot, but it adds up. Over the past year, prices for groceries and other food prepared at home increased 2.6%.

And it is a lot considering what that static takes into account. In May 2021, food prices were 39.7% higher than they were in May 2020, says the Food and Agriculture Organization. That is if they can even find the same foods. Shortages are becoming noticeable as well and that is also expected to worsen throughout the year. Did anyone get a 39.7% raise this year?

Stock up now. Prices will not be lower than they are at this point and we all need to brace for the ugly truth: shortages are getting worse too.

This issue will compound the problem of food scarcity and people will become rabid if they cannot eat, especially in the United States. 

Prepping: Nutritional Canned & Frozen Foods To Stock Up On

The failing crops and unique weather situations have also played a role in this crisis that could end up in utter chaos.

Stay aware and take notice at your store. Stock up a few extra items when you can.


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Progressive Anti-Audit Democrats Took Communist-Sponsored Trips to China; “Collaborated Extensively” With CCP


Multiple prominent Democrats who have been leading the charge against efforts to audit the 2020 election were just exposed for their “extensive collaboration” with one of the Chinese Communist Party’s most influential propaganda groups.

According to an exclusive report by the National Pulse, “NewDEAL Leaders,” a radical-progressive Democrat ‘network’ comprised of state and local elected officials, has repeatedly sent lawmakers on trips to China that were paid for by the CCP, and have essentially been colluding with America’s foremost adversary since at least 2016.

The trips were paid for by funds from the People’s Liberation Army of China, with the express intent to “influence” US policy decisions.

These people are traitors.

NewDEAL’s purpose is to “identify and cultivate” Democrats who they view as potential “rising stars” in the party, which made members a prime target to be bought off by China as they were fast tracked up the political ladder.

A la’ Eric Swalwell, who was caught, pants-down, with Feng Feng, the Red State Spy.

Chinese Spy Raised Money For Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, Planted “Intern” in His Congressional Office

The propaganda arm they were colluding with – the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) – is a “key component” in the CCP’s multi-billion dollar “United Front” project that is meant to “neutralize opposition” and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”

Unsurprisingly, anti-American Democrats were willing to accept that influence and have repeatedly sent their “rising stars” to go learn their talking points and rub elbows with the communist dictators.

The Chinese are notorious for targeting and buying off “(Members of) the Media, key influencers, and opinion leaders” to “effectively disseminate a positive message” about Communism and the CCP. As part of the process, American journalists and lawmakers are given free trips by CUSEF in exchange for their support and “favorable coverage.”

National Pulse listed some of the the sellouts who were confirmed to have made 2 of the trips:

Participants included New Castle County Delaware Executive Matt Meyers, Georgia State Representative Scott Holcomb, Mayor of Dallas, Texas Eric Johnson, Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska Leirion Gaylor Baird, and former Utah representative Ben McAdams.

A separate CUSEF-sponsored delegation took place in 2018, counting participation from several NewDEAL leaders including former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.

The current and former members of ‘NewDEAL Leaders’ are made up of some of the most influential political voices on the left, including several who have been instrumental in suppressing election integrity efforts surrounding the stolen 2020 election.

In fact, many of them directly oversee voting operations in contested states. 

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes – who was in place during the 2020 election and is now running for AZ Secretary of State – are all crucial figureheads within the group and have obstructed audits since the beginning.

Who is really controlling these puppets?

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ Chairman, Jack Sellers, Has Close Ties with China – Is This Why He’s Fighting So Hard Against the Senate’s 2020 Election Audit in Maricopa County?

‘NewDEAL’ leadership also includes some of the most important “power players” in the fraudulent Biden administration such as Delaware Senator Chris Coons and Representative Marilyn Strickland. The current Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, is also a former member. 

After the ‘crime of the century’ that enabled these radicals to seize so much power in November, China has now cemented itself within the very top of America’s political leadership, and both sides openly flout the connection.

So much for the 4 years of Collusion Delusion during Trump, China was the one running that sh-t show.

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Report: Taliban Infiltrate WhatsApp Groups, Threaten to “Chop Into Pieces” and “Throw Away” Female Students Who Show Up to Class Wearing Lipstick and Nail Polish


‘The Taliban is going through an existential crisis’ – Joe Biden

The Taliban is reportedly threatening on WhatsApp groups to “chop into pieces” female students who show up to class wearing makeup.

The Taliban has infiltrated WhatsApp group chats of students and sending voice notes threatening to brutally murder girls who don’t completely cover from head to toe.

The full voice message, translated: “Cover your faces, cover your eyes, come back to classes without fear, but if I see your nails polished or if I see your toes or if you wear lipstick, I’ll chop you in pieces and throw you away.”

When Stephanopoulos asked if the Taliban have changed, Biden said the terrorist faction is “going through sort of an existential crisis.”


Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, the ‘first female VP’ remains silent on the plight of Afghan women and girls as the Taliban impose Sharia law.

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Top Democrat: It’s “Not Sensible” to Provide Stranded Americans Safe Passage to Kabul Airport (VIDEO)


Did anyone REALLY think the same party that harvests baby parts for experimentation would give a rat’s ass about thousands of Americans stranded behind enemy lines in Kabul?
Not a chance in hell.

Democrats are showing the world their true face and it is straight from hell.

Top Democrat Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA), the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told CNN it’s “not sensible” for the US government to provide safe passage to the thousands of stranded Americans in Afghanistan to the Kabul Airport.

You gotta read this and see this to believe it.

Rep. Garamendi: “We’re going to send American troops in the heart and into the streets of Kabul to extract people? It makes no sense whatsoever. We do control the airport. We’re going to do the very best we can and the people in Kabul and other parts of the country are going to have to do the very best they can to get there. There is no way the American military should use military force to go to someone’s house or some building somewhere to extract people. That will create a very significant problem and a very significant loss of life on both sides… To provide safe passage from parts of a huge city? No way—not sensible.

It’s just “not sensible” to rescue stranded Americans says the Democrat leader!

Via HotAir.

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CDC Director Walensky: There is an “Increased Risk of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early” (VIDEO)


The Biden Administration is now working overtime to get a THIRD Covid shot into the arms of Americans.

On Wednesday, the Biden Admin unveiled a plan for vaccine boosters starting in September.

Beginning September 20, Americans who received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be eligible for a booster shot eight months after their last dose.

The idea of a booster shot is not sitting well with many people so like clockwork, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky used fear to convince people to get the third Covid shot.

Walensky on Wednesday said that people who received the Covid vaccine early on are at an increased risk for severe disease.

So all the do-gooders and rule followers who blindly lined up to get the experimental jab right away are now being told they have no protection so they MUST get the booster.

“We are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant,” Walensky said.

Walensky continued, “Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of SEVERE disease amongst those VACCINATED EARLY.”

Walensky said the only way out is to get the Covid booster.


Just a few months ago, Walensky said vaccinated Americans were protected and no longer need to wear masks or maintain social distance in many indoor and outdoor settings.

Now people who took the jab too early are being told they are super spreaders.

The question is, when will the 4th Covid shot be rolled out?

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Millions to be Hit Hard by this U.S. Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings?


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Alan Greenspan Reveals Washington’s Nasty Trick to Destroy Your Savings… Here’s How Americans are Resisting…

In February, U.S. government debt surpassed a record $28 TRILLION.

It took 200 years to rack up the first $1 trillion in debt. But today, it’s soaring. In fact, Washington racked up the last $1 trillion of debt in 4 MONTHS.

And now that Biden is pushing another $1.9 trillion into the economy as his solution to economic fallout from the pandemic, deficit spending has gone parabolic! With each passing day, it’s destroying the savings of the American public.

Former head of the U.S. Fed, Alan Greenspan, once put it simply: “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.”

As the government spends its way through this contagion, are your savings protected from this “hidden tax”? Do you even know how to prepare?

If you have an IRA or 401(k), here’s one way to prepare (before it’s too late)

To combat this scheme, Greenspan offers one simple piece of advice: Gold. In short, he says, “Gold stands in the way of this insidious process.”

And one of the best ways to move into gold and silver is to convert your IRA or 401(k) into a “Self Directed” Gold IRA.

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I must remind you, there may not be much time left to make this critical switch. As Biden starts to run the debt to infinity, the value of your savings are plummeting faster and faster.

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VIDEO: Kimber R7 Mako Microcompact 9mm Review


James Reeves reviews Kimber’s new R7 Mako microcompact 9mm handgun on today’s episode of TFBTV. The R7 Mako is a double-stack 9mm that is about an inch thick with an 11+1 capacity with a flush fit magazine or 13+1 with an extended magazine. It comes with factory night sights and optics ready OR with the Crimson […]

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New Optics Ready CCW – Kimber R7 Mako


Kimber is well known for making 1911 handguns. Well, they are putting their hat in the ring for high capacity, subcompact, striker-fired CCW handguns. The Kimber R7 Mako is their new champion and the competition should take notice. Kimber @TFB: New Kimber Micro 9 Rapide (Black Ice) Pistol [SHOT 2020] New, Affordable Kimber Evo SP […]

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Pentagon Spox: Of the 2,000 Who Have Been Evacuated from Afghanistan in the Last 24 Hours “Nearly 300 of Them Were Americans” (VIDEO)


Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Thursday said of the 2,000 people who have been evacuated from Afghanistan in the last 24 hours, only 300 of them were Americans.

“What proportion of the 2,000 are American citizens…what proportion are women?” a reporter asked.

Kirby said he doesn’t have a gender breakdown but said nearly 300 of the people evacuated were Americans — out of 2,000!


The Biden regime is telling Americans trapped in Afghanistan they’re on their own.

According to some reports, tens of thousands of American citizens are still stuck in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is currently blocking access to Kabul airport.

Secretary Austin told reporters that they’ll only evacuate Americans “until the clock runs out.”

The US is more concerned about Afghans than Americans.

One of the first US cargo planes to evacuate people was packed with hundreds of military-aged Afghan men.

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Times Square Evacuated Due to Suspicious Device – Bomb Squad Called In – Update: NYPD Gives All Clear (VIDEO)


This is Joe Biden’s America.

First DC police evacuated the Cannon House office building and the Supreme Court building after a vehicle with parked outside the library of Congress.

Now Times Square has been evacuated due to a suspicious device.

Police received reports of a suspicious device at 12:13 PM Thursday.

According to reports, a metal container was thrown at an outdoor seating area so police cleared the area between 45th to 48th Streets, Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

Video of Times Square being evacuated:

Update: NYPD gives all clear by apprx 1:35 PM ET

DEVELOPING…please check back for updates.

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