Netflix Mandates Vaccinations for All Actors on US Productions

Netflix is the first major Hollywood studio to rollout company-wide COVID-19 vaccine mandates for cast members and those who come in contact with them for all productions throughout the United States…

Justice Department Warns Post-Election Audits Could Violate Law

The Justice Department on Wednesday issued guidance advising that post-election audits and recently-passed voting laws “risk violating the Civil Rights Act,”…

Senate GOP Ready to Move Forward on $1T Infrastructure Bill

Senate Republicans reached a deal with Democrats on Wednesday over major outstanding issues in a $1 trillion infrastructure package, ready to begin consideration of a key part of President Joe Biden’s agenda. An evening test vote was possible.

Sen. Sinema Rejects $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., told the Arizona Republic on Wednesday that she does not support the $3.5 trillion budget plan…

UK Lifts COVID Travel Restrictions as US Returns to Social Restrictions

Fully vaccinated travelers from America and the European Union will be allowed to visit England without having to quarantine starting August 2…

Georgia Asks Judge to Toss DOJ Lawsuit Targeting Voting Law

Georgia is asking a judge to toss out a Department of Justice lawsuit challenging the state’s sweeping new election law.

Ruling Class: Freeing The Slaves Would Mean More Infections


The rulers are trying a new tactic to keep the slaves in compliance and a permanent state of enslavement. Now, they are saying that if they free the slaves, infections with COVID-19 will spike.

So let’s get this straight: we should remain in slavery because some people might get a cold? Sorry. Not a good enough excuse. But they are really trying.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia and Earlham Institute have warned that easing Covid-19 restrictions early could lead to vaccine-resistant virus strains and new variants forming due to low global inoculation rates. Once again, this reeks of desperation from the masters. Many people have begun to wake up to the realization that the government thinks they own us. We are reaching the point of having enough of the masses awakened to the truth.

The article, published by the University of East Anglia and Earlham Institute on Tuesday, argues that easing coronavirus restrictions may lead to more aggressive mutations developing that are resistant to vaccines.

“Relaxing restrictions boosts transmission and allows the virus population to expand, which enhances its adaptive evolutionary potential and increases the risk of vaccine-resistant strains emerging by a process known as antigenic drift,” the researchers stated.

The scientists asserted that humanity is in an “arms race” against the coronavirus, which is fought with vaccines, technology and behavioral change. However, they warned that the virus can always adapt. –RT

There is the admission, above in bold.  They are racing to change our behavior, technology, and get everyone vaccinated. They need to cement their control or they are going to lose it. It would be funny watching them flail about trying to keep the slaves in line, except that now that the desperation is obvious, they will have to up their game.

That means we need to up ours.  The truth is out there. We have got to stop believing anyone who has power over us is doing it for our own good.  If history has taught us anything, it is that that is never true. Power corrupts. In every single case. Which is why we should abolish slavery for good in all forms.

Continue to enhance your critical thinking skills.  Something else could be coming, and we should all be aware of it. Their narrative is falling apart and the masters are desperate to keep the slaves from figuring out that they are slaves. Fewer and fewer are buying it and many are finally seeing the government for what it is: slavery.

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Russ Vought: The Mission and The Moment for American Patriots


One of the most powerful slogans ever utilized was ‘Make America Great Again.’ This rallying cry was the signature spirit of President Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign and the core of his administration’s policy aims. It captured the hearts and minds of tens of millions of Americans.

Years after it helped spark the America First movement, it still echoes with the sound of potential and promise. And with good reason.

For decades, Americans have had a growing sense of unease and anger with the direction of our nation: seemingly endless wars comprised of futile nation-building exercises, corrupt political leaders, government-created economic crises, runaway federal spending, centrally-planned and controlled health care, open-border policies that cater to non-citizens and flood communities with crime and drugs, bureaucratic disdain for working Americans, and a creeping cultural Marxist rot that aims at dismantling our families and way of life.

In the wake of this unchecked, radical progressivism are broken households, fractured communities, lost faith, and a muddled understanding of what it means to be an American.

But it does not have to be this way.

To continue many of the policy fights begun under the Trump Administration, we launched the Center for Renewing America as well as our sister organization, Citizens for Renewing America. The goal is simple: renew a national consensus that we are a people For God, For Country, and For Community.

The Center for Renewing America is at the forefront of the policy fights, educating and equipping concerned citizens, lawmakers, and decision-makers with an understanding of what it is that they are fighting combined with the very solutions needed to secure long-lasting victories that will nurture a virtuous society and a free people.

Citizens for Renewing America takes these policy ideas and turns them into tools for engaged citizens, activists, and everyday patriots to utilize for restoring their communities, keeping their elected officials honest, and retaking ground lost to progressive ideologues.

As parents, patriots, and working men and women all over the nation have risen up to oppose Critical Race Theory and those who seek to impose this destructive ideology on current and future generations, we have enthusiastically joined in this effort, applying our mission to the moment at hand.

Citizens for Renewing America then stepped forward and deployed a thorough toolkit to fight back against this Marxist ideology in our communities, including model school board language to fully prohibit the implementation of state-sanctioned racism at the local level.

The truth is that despite some victories on a handful of important policies over the decades like taxes and welfare reform, America’s turn toward radical progressivism has not abated. In reality, it has accelerated, particularly as the culture has largely been ceded to the left.

In the coming weeks, months, and years, we will amplify our presence and bolster the effort to reinvigorate the American spirit while restoring a culture that values just laws and healthy communities.

This includes a focus on how to secure the border and put an end–once and for all–to the bipartisan failures that have allowed violent drug cartels to maintain operational control over the southern border. This includes a sustained effort to counter the increasingly hostile regime in communist China and rebuild our military to once again be the finest fighting force in human history. And this includes a roadmap for citizens and policymakers alike to break Big Tech’s woke authoritarian grip on the platforms that ostensibly provide Americans a voice and small businesses their economic lifeblood.

The far-left has largely seized control over most of America’s long-standing institutions: our government, our schools, our universities, our businesses, our media, and increasingly, our houses of worship, our military, and the very civil society that allows Americans to thrive and live their lives freely.

While this did not happen overnight, the truth is that we are running out of both ground to lose and time to spare.

The true greatness of America lies both in her animating idea, that all men are created equal with unalienable rights bestowed by their Creator, and in her people, who are called to embody and defend that idea–sometimes at great cost.

This call of restoration still resonates with tens of millions of patriots all over our nation. The Center for Renewing America exists to answer that call.

The mission and the moment is clear.

Join us.

Russ T. Vought is the president of the Center for Renewing America and the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget for President Trump. You can follow him at @russvought.

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Exclusive: Rep. Timothy Ramthun Discusses Proposed Wisconsin Forensic Audit with The Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)


Republican Representative Timothy Ramthum joined The Gateway Pundit to discuss his call for a forensic audit in the state of Wisconsin.

Rep. Ramthun called for a forensic audit back on July 16th. During his interview today Ramthun told Jim Hoft and Joe Hoft that he has heard from several experts outside the state including Seth Keshel on their thoughts for an audit in Wisconsin.

Ramthun also spoke in favor of Representative Janel Brandtjen’s announcement earlier this week to push forward with a forensic audit in the state.

Rep. Brandtjen is the Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. She visited the Maricopa audit earlier this month. On Monday she called for an Arizona-style audit of Wisconsin’s November election.

Rep. Ramthun is a true representative of the people of Wisconsin.  He has heard their voices and agrees that a forensic audit is needed in Wisconsin.

** Please visit the Ramthun Report on Rumble and follow Rep. Ramthun on Twitter.

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Executive Committee of Dane County Wisconsin Republican Party Votes Unanimously to Support Rep. Brandtjen’s Proposed Forensic Audit


The Republican Party of Dane County Wisconsin last night unanimously voted to support Representative Brandtjen’s forensic audit.

We reported a couple of days ago that a young state representative from Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen, has called for a forensic audit for the entire state similar to the audit currently taking place in Maricopa County Arizona.

BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin Moves Forward with Election Forensic Audit …UPDATE: With Clements and Keshel Video

Today we have breaking news.  Per a confidential source, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Dane County (the second-largest metropolitan area in Wisconsin where Madison is located) voted unanimously last night to support the forensic audit called for by Representative Brandtjen.

The train is running downhill now and Wisconsin is getting on board. It’s time for Speaker Vos to get on board as well.

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