Johann Fanzoj THE LEOPARD Deluxe Weapon Set


Every time Johann Fanzoj publishes a press release telling about another finished project, it is guaranteed that you’ll see not just a deluxe firearm but a true masterpiece, an exquisite work of art created by the wizards of this 230-year-old company. Their latest creation, a set of weapons dubbed The Leopard, is no exception. This set consists […]

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Friday Night Lights: Foreign Night Vision


Well hello there fellow night vision enthusiast and welcome to Friday Night Lights. FNL is brought to you by ATN Corp, manufacturers of night vision and thermal optics like the THOR LT. As with all of our sponsored series, Friday Night Lights will continue to bring you unbiased news and reviews from a variety of companies. […]

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POTD: M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun Live-Fire


Photo Of The Day: Some duties in the military may be rather boring, but machine gun training must be on top of the list of how much fun you can have. Here we’re looking at U.S. Marines with the 2d Battalion, 2d Marines, as they conduct a live-fire with the M2 .50 caliber machine gun […]

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Escape From Bondage: Un-Californiaizing My AR-15 Part 1


Recently, due to the reaction of the U.S. government to Coronavirus, my day job has become 100% remote work. I work in the television industry, which has always meant one horrific thing. I was stuck living in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in LA, but as I got older and my priorities changed, […]

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More Enforcers Dispatched To Sydney Australia To Control The Public During Another Lockdown


As the public opinion on lockdowns and their own enslavement dwindle, the ruling classes are sending more teeth to try to make it stick.  Sydney, Australia just dispatched 100 more police officers to control the slaves during yet another lockdown; one which is literally illogical.

Sydney Australia Locks Down For Another Week For The Umpteenth Time

Oh yeah, lockdowns are about enslavement and control, not logic and health. Sydney is home to one fifth of Australia’s total population, which is 5 million people. Of those 5 million, the total number of “infections” is at 350. Shall we do the math for the mainstream media, since they can’t be bothered to do it because if they did, it wouldn’t be scary enough?

350 out of 5 million comes to .007%.  That’s beyond statistically negligent and can even be as simple as a rounding error.  Yet the masters are locking the slaves down even longer. At this point, Australians may never be able to even comprehend what true freedom actually looks like. –SHTFPlan

Starting at 0700 local time on Friday, more than 100 additional police officers will be stationed on the streets of Sydney, where they will continue to work for the remainder of the lockdown (which was just extended by two weeks), according to local press reports.  Their job is to harass, intimidate, fine, cage, and physically assault the slaves who dare to disobey the master. The ruling class is actively admitting now that this is about compliance. And the police are willing pawns in this totalitarian scheme.

Assistant Commissioner Tony Cooke warned that rising numbers of infections had prompted the decision to dispatch police. “Compliance is about us getting ahead of this virus,” Cooke said on Thursday. “(NSW) Health have very clearly said to us we have a difficulty in southwest Sydney.”

Cook added that the police would be asked to patrol supermarkets and shopping centers, confronting anybody who might dare attempt to buy anything. “The question we’ll be asking is ‘what’s your reasonable excuse for being here, you don’t need a pair of shoes today.’”

“We need people to take responsibility and comply.”

Just a quick question for those left supporting the police who enforce these lockdowns: would the rulers have any power over you if the police actually stood on morals and said “no. Enslaving humanity is wrong?” Just ponder it. Come to your own conclusions.

As ZeroHedge points out, unfortunately for the experts, the lockdown hasn’t reduced the number of new COVID cases, which has climbed in the weeks since the lockdown started. 38 new cases were discovered in the 24 hours to Thursday.

This has never been about a virus and keeping people safe or healthy, That’s more than obvious. They needed 100 more hired enforcers to make sure the slaves of Australia know their place and comply with orders. This is too obvious at this point. We had better wake up and stand up for each other. No one on this planet deserves to be a slave and no one on this planet makes a rightful master.

Continue to use critical thinking.  With the constant reporting on the delta and lambda variants, we could see a similar situation here, and will many still supporting the teeth who enforce the lockdowns, the rulers may know they can get away with again.

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Biden Does Not Need A Domestic “Terrorism” Agenda Unless He Is About To Violate American Rights


This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at 

The federal government is a kind of self-perpetuating blob; a cannibalistic creature that must continue to feed on the public and the systems around it in order to survive, but it also must create reasons for its existence so that it may go on feeding uninterrupted. Now, don’t get me wrong – I realize that the apparatus in Washington DC is nothing more than a tool for the power elite to grow their scope of control as well as grow their wealth. That said, without a large federal government, the establishment oligarchy would have no ability to project the force they need to compel the population to comply with their agenda.

There are only two real mandates for the government, only two reasons for its existence in our republic: To secure America’s borders from invasion and to protect the freedoms of the citizenry. That’s it. It is not the job of the government to compel you to take an experimental and questionable covid vaccine over a virus that 99.7% of people will easily survive. It is not the job of the government to create artificial “social equity” by favoring one group or ethnicity over another. It is not the job of the government to spy on millions of Americans because they do not agree with the leftist ideology. It is not the job of the government to make war on the very people it is mandated to protect.

Yet, this is exactly what the government is doing today while its totalitarianism is disguised as “humanitarianism”. In other words, they are essentially arguing that they must make war on the people in order to protect the people from themselves.

One of Joe Biden’s first actions upon entering the White House was to initiate a 100-day review of the government’s domestic terrorism policies, and I think this says a lot about what path his presidency is bound to follow. Yes, the media continually argues that the Capitol protest on Jan 6th was a vast conspiracy on the part of conservatives to “overthrow” the democratic process and commit insurrection. In fact, all it really amounted to was a large protest which was less violent than the majority of Black Lives Matter protests across the nation over the past year.

The media also incessantly mentions the five deaths that occurred on the day of the protest while continuing to ignore the fact that NOT ONE of those deaths has been attributed to the direct actions of protesters, and at least three of the deaths were due to natural causes.

Why does the mainstream media keep lying by omission? Because they have to keep the narrative alive that the capitol protest is a sign of some underlying conservative “evil” that must be contained or destroyed. We don’t really give them much to work with, so they have to create reasons out of thin air to convince people to hate us.

Biden’s review of domestic terrorist policy was finally released last month and the propaganda has been building ever since.  It has now culminated in Big Tech conglomerates like Facebook calling for people to report family and friends that might be exhibiting “signs of extremism”.  This is the Soviet Cheka or the East German Stasi all over again.

Two of the administration’s primary findings in their report included the assertion that domestic threats are “motivated by racism and white supremacy”, and that they are driven by anti-authority. For many, this might sound like bizarro world.

What the hell does racism have to do with the capitol protests or anything else that conservatives have been fighting for the past year? Biden is a white guy, after all, so protesting his entry into the White House is hardly race motivated. And, if you ask the majority of patriots why they are angry you will find that most of them have grown tired of the pandemic restrictions and medical tyranny, which they know will only continue to get worse under Biden. Is this viewpoint “anti-authority”, or just anti-authoritarianism?

Keep in mind that these days almost anything can be labeled racist or extremist.  The interpretation is wide open and arbitrary.  This is how informant culture works.  Anyone can be a target for any reason and one is treated as guilty until proven innocent.

Obviously, Biden and his handlers are not concerned with what is ACTUALLY causing Americans to rebel by the millions. They already know that THEY are the real cause, along with their attempts to undermine American civil liberties. What this is really about is gaslighting.

Yes, that classic strategy used by narcissists and psychopaths; the method an abuser uses to make his victims think they deserve the treatment they are getting. The establishment takes away your freedoms and abuses your rights, then if you react to defend yourself they call you a racist and a terrorist. It’s a tried and true maneuver.

First, I would point out that the racism issue is irrelevant at its core. No one except crazed social justice warriors thinks that institutional racism is a legitimate issue in America in 2021. There’s no proof whatsoever to support the incoherent ramblings of critical race theorists. By extension, it’s also not illegal to be a bigot. In America, you are welcome to dislike any group of people you want and the government cannot punish you for it. There is no such thing as “hate speech”, there is only speech that some people hate.

This is a strategy by leftists to create a weakness in the armor of free speech laws and grind them down. If they can regulate some speech, they can eventually regulate ALL speech. Biden is merely acting as a conduit for the critical race theory agenda, and he is attaching it to every single policy in the hopes that it will stick somewhere.

Second, let’s all be honest and acknowledge who the real target of Biden’s domestic terrorism policies is: Conservatives in general. And, it’s not just because of the capitol protests.

Here is my concern: Whenever psychopathic regimes are about to pursue an egregious action that will degrade freedoms and enrage the public, they have a tendency to preemptively demonize (and often disarm) the people they are about to abuse. To put it another way, Biden is obsessed with attacking conservatives as “racists” and “extremists” not because of what we have done (we haven’t done anything), but because of what we are ABOUT TO DO.

And how does Biden know what we are going to do in the future? He knows because he is going to take actions that he and his handlers know will piss us off. Biden is clearly planning to enforce more policies that will directly violate the constitutional rights of Americans and he is preparing in advance for the fallout by making it appear as if conservatives and patriots are the aggressors.

As I have noted in previous articles, this is the common mantra of the tyrants:

Those that disagree with me are wrong because I will never allow them to prove they are right. Those that defend themselves against my attacks are evil because if they fight back they might harm me. Those that demand the truth do not understand how important my lies are to the stability of the world I have built for them. Why would I engage in battle when I can get others to fight my battles for me? When people are free, it means they are free to criticize or ignore me, so I must take away their freedom so that they are made to revere me and recognize my importance. Morals are relative and principles are for suckers. The ends justify the means, and the greater good of the greater number is paramount – And as long as I am the one that determines what the definition of the “greater good” is, then I am the one that controls everything else.”

It is hard to say what Biden is about to do that requires so much preemptive demonization of liberty-minded people. Forced vaccinations and vaccine passports are a hard line in the sand for the majority of conservatives, and we simply won’t allow such policies to remain. We will fight if we have to in order to stop them.

Disenfranchisement of conservatives from the economy or from the internet is another line that we will not back away from. The leftist mob is already attempting to make it acceptable to “cancel” conservatives on social media simply for being conservative, and by extension, they are also seeking to normalize the punishment of conservatives for their views by threatening them with joblessness. This sort of ideological cleansing of America is not going to end well. Eventually, yes, conservatives will go to war over this because if we don’t our values of freedom, individualism, voluntarism, and meritocracy will be erased from the public square and there will be no meaningful future for generations not yet born.

New gun control measures and gun bans are not going to fly, either. There is no chance that conservatives will comply with a Biden gun control plan, red flag gun laws, gun buybacks, etc. It’s not going to happen. Biden and the establishment knows this, so perhaps gun confiscation is next on the agenda?

Finally, it is possible that the establishment will go for broke during the next crisis event and Biden will seek to implement martial law. It might be an economic crash or a crash of the dollar. It might be a major cyber attack (look up the World Economic Forum’s “Cyberpolygon” event happening this week). It might be a new “variant” of covid that they use as an excuse to bring back nationwide lockdowns. Whatever the case may be, any attempt at martial law by Biden will be met with immediate and explosive resistance from conservatives, and frankly, I doubt that the Biden Admin would survive the duration.

So, yes, in a way Biden is right. The biggest threat to the system today is a domestic conflict IF the system intends to attack the citizenry and their liberties. That said, the establishment is not sacrosanct, and when a government violates the rights of the people, the people have a duty to overthrow it. We would only be “terrorists” in the eyes of the people who started the conflict, to begin with.

At this point, we have to ask ourselves, “Who does the federal government actually represent when they do these things?” Do they represent us? Or do they represent special interests, such as globalists and career Marxists? Are they tearing away our freedoms at record pace for our benefit or the benefit of people with malicious intentions? If they are acting in the interests of evil people, then isn’t rebellion inevitable? And who is to blame for that inevitable conflagration? Them, or us?

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