Geraldo Rivera ‘Pondering’ Race for Portman’s Senate Seat in Ohio

Geraldo Rivera, the longtime TV correspondent and Fox News contributor, tweeted Wednesday that he is “pondering running” for GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s seat in Ohio. Rivera told Mediaite on Wednesday after the tweet that if he runs, he’ll campaign as a Republican in the 2022…

Hackers Breach Thousands of Security Cameras, Exposing Tesla, Jails, Hospitals

A group of hackers say they breached a massive trove of security-camera data collected by Silicon Valley startup Verkada Inc., gaining access to live feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras inside hospitals, companies, police departments, prisons…

AP-NORC Poll: 1 in 5 in US Lost Someone Close to COVID-19

About 1 in 5 Americans say they lost a relative or close friend to the coronavirus, highlighting the division between heartache and hope as the country itches to get back to normal a year into the pandemic. A new poll from…

Biden Administration Wrong on COVID-19 Vaccination Pace, AP Says

For an administration that prides itself on talking straight about the pandemic, the self-congratulation Wednesday went too far. President Joe Biden wrongly claimed the U.S. vaccinated a record 2.9 million people on Saturday while his special adviser on the pandemic…

Red Arrow Weapons RAW-10 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle


The shooting range pictured above (including the weather) makes me really jealous. The new RAW-10 6.5 Creedmoor rifle from Red Arrow Weapons doesn’t look bad either. The Midnight Bronze Cerakote finish really shines, and the package should be capable of accurate hits really far out. Below is the product announcement from Red Arrow Weapons: One of […]

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Wheelgun Wednesday: Current Police Issued Revolvers In Chile


Current police issued revolversWelcome to another edition of TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday, where we cover all things related to the world of revolvers. Speaking of the world of revolvers, this week we’ll spotlight one country that has still issued revolvers to its police officers. The national police force of Chile, known as the Carabineros de Chile, from which I’ve […]

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POTD: Norwegian CV90 Light Infantry Vehicles and Snipers


Photo Of The Day today brings Norwegian CV90 light infantry vehicles in a dry and dusty environment in the Polish Zagan training area during exercise Noble Jump. You can also see the Barrett MRAD (Multi-role Adaptive Design) bolt-action sniper rifle appear below, in the hands of Norwegian snipers. The “Cold War” photo below is pretty cool, […]

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TFB Review: Staccato Tactical DS H.O.S.T 4.0 – Long Term Review


Over the years, 2011s have grown significantly in popularity among shooters in the gun community. There’s a number of companies who make them from Staccato, Infinity, Atlas along with other manufactures. I was always extremely curious what the reliability of them would be in the long term. I teamed up with my buddy Tommy who […]

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New Thermal Sight: Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50/XQ38/XQ50


Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50/XQ38/XQ50The rapid development in the thermal imaging market doesn’t seem to care about all the difficulties that are happening in the global economy. Pulsar begins the year by releasing the second generation of the Thermion Riflescopes – Thermion 2 XQ38, Thermion 2 XQ50 and the top model Thermion 2 XP50. The heart of the new […]

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Viktos ZERODARK MC Insulated Jacket Review


The Viktos Zerodark MC Insulated Jacket is the type of layering every adventurer should own. While that isn’t to say the lightweight packable jacket is the lightest of weights or the smallest to pack, it fills a gap found all too often across those who engage with an aggressive profession. Thin enough to wear underneath a plate carrier or motorcycle jacket, and durable to endure more than a few scrapes and campfires, the Viktos Zerodark belongs less on the racks of athletic-chic outlet, and more splattered with mud, sweat, and unburnt powder.

Three Season Porch

Tested over the three most applicable seasons for a jacket of this weight, the Viktos Zerodark MC (for MultiCam) began its testing period in the late Minnesota Fall. As the leaves turned colors, and dropped to the ground, temperatures also descended, until reaching an enduring low in February of consistently below-zero Fahrenheit, not to mention the wind chill. As the first signs of Spring eroded the frozen edges of the season, the insulated jacket saw more standalone use, but not without precautions.

viktos zerodark MC pockets

Distinctly designed as activewear of a certain persuasion, the Viktos Zerodark MC includes features not regularly found in jackets of its weight class. The main body of the jacket consists of 100-gram Thermolite insulation and is coated with a water-resistant substance that effectively keeps a light mist or snow from sticking. The under-arm panels, however, are both elastic and vented where heat tends to gather. This shouldn’t be confused with what they refer to as Gunvents: Zippers splitting the 3- and 9-o’clock underarm sections that can be pulled open to access a firearm.

Viktos Zerodark gunvent

In addition to the normal front-of-hip pockets, two rather large external chambers run from mid-chest to the beltline and could easily stow radios, a handgun, or a 2-liter of choice dental demise. A suite of near-typical features accompany their departure from the normal, such as a collar-stowed hood, and an internal pocket for a cell phone, but these rarely are the things that steal the spotlight.


In the stretches of a damp fall, the Viktos Zerodark cut the edge off the chilling temperatures. At the range, whether stationary or sprinting back and forth for theatrics, the combination of insulation and venting kept our focus on hitting our target, not staying comfortable. Got too warm? Open a side vent. Too cold? Throw a hoody over it. Fitting tighter to the body, it never snagged on obstacles, nor bunched when a shell was worn on top.

Viktos Zerodark Plate Carrier

Above: Fitting naturally under a plate carrier, the Gunvents make space for Rifle Mags, and additional gear that sits on a belt. G-Code Softshell Scorpion Mag Carriers recently appeared on a comparison of AR Mag Pouches.

Once the bottom dropped out of the temperature, the Viktos Zerodark played well with outer layers. The old three-layer strategy of clothing being a way of life learned young for those in the frigid North, it frequently sat sandwiched between a wicking shirt and outer shell. The insulation couldn’t always keep up with the coldest days, and certainly wasn’t designed to. Instead, so long as the thermometer read above ten degrees, or if worn during bursts of physical activity, our core stayed warm, pumping heat into the extremities as best it could.

viktos zerodark WOFT

A December trip to Florida to attend a W.O.F.T. course debuting the Leopold Deltapoint Micro brought out a new angle of the Viktos Zerodark. The brief respite from well-below-freezing temperatures stressed more of the “tactical” elements of the jacket. Drawing from concealment, changing mags from a hidden belt pouch, grappling with assailants, or maneuvering through an outdoor shoothouse, the jacket kept off the slight briskness of a West Orlando winter and held up to the different stresses.

One hundred draws later, we wished there was a double-zipper on the front opening, for although the jacket didn’t snag during a draw, even with a pistol bearing an optic, it has become a preference for the apparel of this type.

As soon as the snow evacuated Minneapolis streets, one started to see motorcycles here and there, and the itch had to be scratched. Setting the record for the warmest March 8th in over 100 years, we hit the streets ourselves. The attackposture fit of the Viktos Zerodark resembled the features expected on motorcycle gear enough that they paired like peanut butter and thai sweet chili sauce. Naturally complimentary, it nearly earned a permanent place in our saddlebags, especially for those looking to maximize space on a dual-sport bike.


While the off-the-beaten-path elements of the Viktos Zerodark often aimed to accomplish one thing, we just as often found them exceedingly useful for different purposes. The Gunvents saw more use as temperature control valves, especially when wearing a plate carrier, and the large chest pockets were used to store maps and documents during longer outdoor treks. It filled the gap between a heavier flannel and a lighter coat and played well with both as the unpredictable Minnesota seasons carried on.

Viktos Zerodark, Drawing

Above: Where the Viktos Zerodark Shines: Drawing Rifle Mages from a beltline, while allowing for ventilation and mobility. 

In the age of bougie $400 jackets, the Viktos Zerodark slides in at $190 and before the ghosts of “just-as-good” come creeping out, the point must be made. As the design shows, this insulating layer isn’t trying to be other jackets. Thankfully, in a world of knock-offs, one-offs, and half-off’s, the Viktos Zerodark is neither completely novel nor completely toeing the standard line. It fits well in a Pacific Northwest wardrobe for the utility across seasons, just as well as it belongs as a piece of kit in the cooler high-desert regions. Fitting just as well at a campfire as on the range or in a training course, the most valued aspects are the more subtle. For those of a moderately athletic build, it simply fits well, and for Americans who don’t regularly employ a tailor to make alterations, it goes a long way.


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