Marine Corps Adopts new Rifle Qualification Course Standards


Marine Corps Adopts new Rifle Qualification Course StandardsMarksmanship and accuracy are core concepts for our armed combatants in the field. Every year Marines usually go through a two-week-long qualification course to test their skills and to qualify on their individual weapons systems. Now, the Marine Corps has adopted a new qualification system that aims to give time back to the commanders who […]

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Sacramento Sheriff Seizes Rifles Tear Gas Launcher and Dynamite


Sacramento Sherrif Seizes Rifles Tear Gas Launcher and DynamiteOn February 25th, 2021 the Sacramento Sheriff’s office received a 911 call from a citizen claiming that someone who was in his house for repair work was instead eating his food and that he had them at gunpoint. Later, shots were fired and officers were dispatched to the scene where the sole occupant of the […]

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HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Doesn’t Matter, It’s A Trap!


Hot Gat or Fudd CrapWelcome everyone to the 84th edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or only have […]

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POTD: Out In The Cold


Photo Of The Day and yet another great photo by Hille James Combat Photographer. Today we’re looking at a photo he named “Out In The Cold“. We have a soldier in Multicam and an M2HB .50 Cal equipped with a Leupold scope and lots of other goodies. Just look at the gigantic flash hider. The tripod […]

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TFB Review: The Optics Ready Taurus G3C TORO


TFB REVIEW: The Optics Ready Taurus G3C TOROLast year Taurus released their freshly updated G3C compact 9mm pistol. Being the successor of the G2C, the G3C (and by extension the G3) received some upgraded features and a new look. I reviewed the G3C upon release last year and if you want my review of the full pistol without the optics cut then […]

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Good Samaritan Laws and Third Party Defense


The decision of whether or not to intervene when someone else is falling victim to violence is only made more complicated by the multitude of unanswered questions that typically surround such a situational event. Often seated at the center is the question of whether or not doing so would be legal, or if you would soon suffer life-altering punishment for what you you thought was a virtuous action. This in why we have things like Good Samaritan Laws, but, like most things involving people, it’s not that simple.

Yikes … I’m late for my 10 a.m. appointment! Yellow light, red light, stop. I’m the first car at the intersection facing south. I’m just getting ready to proceed over the bridge to my office in the hip, university office buildings in a major metropolitan city. I check my watch and reflect on the morning’s court proceedings. Last night’s news coverage was about riots at the university. Apparently, things got out of hand, and the police used tear gas on protestors. I barely remembered the morning news coverage as I caffeinated myself awake.

I check my watch. Damn! I hate being late. My gaze wanders to the vehicles just coming to a stop in the northbound lanes on the opposite side of the intersection. As I watch, one of those vehicles makes an aggressive move and turns violently 90 degrees to block lanes one, two, and part of three in the northbound travel. Three young men burst from the interior of the car. The driver pops the trunk and the young men retrieve improvised weapons from within. What is this?

Third Party Defense driving


As I sit in my car, I have my Glock 43 on an ankle holster. I’m driving a four-wheel-drive SUV. My state allows me to have an AR-15 locked via a security cable in the trunk. I have 200 rounds of .223 ammunition and two spare mags for the 43 in my pocket. I’m in a suit and tie.

The trunk pops open and the young men grab large rocks and bricks and begin throwing them at the fellow northbound traffic. The light is red, and the vehicles are coming to a stop only to be met with the onslaught of flying objects denting panels and smashing glass. People panic. A woman in her car freezes and shields her face even though she has a windshield to protect her. Her windshield instantly spiderwebs. She’s frozen in terror and now the vehicle behind her cannot maneuver around her. The men are yelling something unintelligible as they pummel the surrounding cars and trucks. 

One woman, third car in the lineup, tries to move around the vehicle in front of her. This enrages the men who focus their wrath upon her vehicle. One of the young men, the driver of the attacker’s car jumps out with a … small black thing in his hand. It has a pointy end so I know it can’t be a cell phone. Is it … is that a gun? I hit the button on my headset, “Siri, dial 9-1-1!” “Calling 9-1-1,” Siri says. “9-1-1, what is your emergency?” “There are four men throwing large rocks and bricks at the surrounding cars,” I say. The dispatcher responds, “What is your location?” 

good samaritan laws Third Party Defense

The men chase the third motorist and destroy the side panel of her vehicle. She narrowly avoids three collisions and runs the red light to escape. The driver of the attacker’s car tracks her with the object that must be a gun. No shots are fired, and his hand lowers as she escapes. The foursome turn their attention back to the remaining traffic. I can hear thuds and safety glass windshields absorbing the impact from the projectiles. People are attempting to back up, but the oncoming traffic is making that impossible. The motorists in the northbound lanes are sitting ducks. So far, just the one vehicle has escaped their vicious attacks. The young men grab at the door handle of vehicle number two. Luckily, the door appears locked, but a brick is thrown at point-blank range at her driver-side window. Safety glass again saves the day, and the window isn’t breached, but the men seem determined to gain entry.

In this politically charged climate where riots and random acts of violence seem to be getting more and more common, let’s take a moment to consider how you might respond to these circumstances in a legally justifiable manner. And to do that, we’re going to look at Good Samaritan Laws and Third-Party Defense. 

A General Review of Third-Party Defense

Here’s an excerpt of my home state’s law governing defense of a third party:

A person is justified in threatening or using physical force or deadly physical force against another to protect a third person if, under the circumstances as a reasonable person would believe them to be, such person would be permitted to protect themselves in threatening or using physical force or deadly physical force to protect himself against the unlawful physical force or deadly physical force a reasonable person would believe is threatening the third person he seeks to protect. (Arizona Revised Statutes §13-406.)

Got that? Are you ready to risk your life or liberty on that ridiculously worded statute, or do you agree with me that its definition is utterly confusing?

My Options

At this point, what are my options? Can I run up and “inject” myself into the melee to assist the panicked woman in her car? Do I dare confront these young men knowing one of them appears to be armed? The police are on their way, I’m told. No estimation of time for their arrival. I’m a Good Samaritan and want to help. But can I provide any meaningful help other than to direct their energy toward myself?

cracked glass third-party defense

Unfortunately, this is the reality urban citizens can face in these unprecedented times. What level of force can I apply to help protect these motorists? All appear to be women, but I cannot see beyond a few vehicles.

The easiest option is to sit and be a good witness for law enforcement. I’m not in any danger, as the attack is on the opposite lanes of travel approximately 75 feet away from me. I’m personally not being threatened, directly. This is an important legal distinction. I can defend myself from a violent attack on my person, but, as I stated, the attack is 75 feet away on the opposite side of a large intersection.

Could I run the red light and place my vehicle in their path, blocking them in and wait for law enforcement? Yes, but that comes at great risk to me. Can I then defend myself? Well, wait. I just did something legally complicating. I “injected” myself into the trouble. Is it legal to “inject” myself into trouble and then claim self-defense when their wrath turns my way? Answer: No! Normally, you cannot inject yourself into a self-defense encounter. But, this is admittedly a gray area. If I have the legal prowess to say my intent was to distract and protect the motorists, most of whom appear to be defenseless women, then find the need to protect myself after a gun is pointed at me, it becomes less gray, but still not clearly justified, legally. 

Here’s a teachable moment. I state again for clarity: You cannot inject yourself into a self-defense encounter and claim self-defense. In this case specifically, I was operating a motor vehicle and could accelerate to safety. I had the means at that key moment to flee to safety. Injecting myself into the melee is a law enforcement function. I cannot deputize myself and intervene, even to help. I can, foolish as it sounds, turn their attention to me and my vehicle without using any type of deadly force. 

Violence Escalates

Let’s take the argument to the next level. Assume, the motorist in vehicle two who was shielding her face when the bricks pummeled her windshield did not have her doors locked. Assume she’s yanked from the car, and only one man has a firearm. 

good samaritan law smashed windshield

The men yank the distraught woman from her car. She’s being slapped and hit about the head and neck. She’s crying and bleeding from the blows; her glasses are broken. One man has a firearm, but it’s not pointed at her. This attack is a random event and appears to target society on this roadway in general. This isn’t a domestic violence situation. The attackers are hurling rocks and bricks at everyone within arm’s reach.

I must analyze the harm against the dangers of intervening at this point. I’ve called the police. I’ve made mental notes of the physical descriptions of the attackers. I’ve noted the car’s license plate. At this point I’ve done all that I am unquestionably legally allowed to do. Forget all the citizen’s arrest statutes. In 21 years of handling these cases, rarely has that defense worked. So, that’s out. I know law enforcement is moments away because I’ve taken note of my proximity to the police station and estimated arrival time to be approximately four to five minutes. I know that these perpetrators are cowards and will attempt to leave very soon to avoid the inevitable law enforcement reaction. So, legally, I must stay put and be a good witness. I take careful notice of every detail of the encounter. But, what about the helpless women in their custody? 

Shots Fired

What if the encounter turns deadly serious whereupon the perpetrators fire aimlessly in the direction of the cars? Now, I’m dealing with a potential mass-shooting event. Is it legally permissible to inject myself into this attack knowing people might be dead or badly wounded? This is again a gray area. If I were to respond, how would law enforcement know friend from foe? Might I risk being shot by Officer Friendly of the University Police? Yes! Officers arriving on scene of a shots fired, mass-shooting event are going to be amped up and looking for shooters. 

good samaritan laws

An anonymous prosecutor friend jokingly suggested perhaps shooting into the air to scare them away. This is even legally problematic. You have committed the crime of discharge of a firearm within the city limits, a felony in some jurisdictions. Did shooting into the air cause the perpetrators to flee moments before law enforcement could bring the attackers to justice? The answer is likely: Yes! I would then be forced to defend myself from a felony charge for discharging a firearm within the city limits. Could I cite a Third Party Protection Defense as the justification for me shooting into the air? Maybe, but this comes down to the judgment of the prosecuting agency, who generally view citizens taking the law into their own hands as a bad idea. I could face charges. 

A prosecutor might say this was only for law enforcement to handle and charge me with a felony. The police might be frustrated with me because their suspects fled at the sound of gunfire, albeit in the air. I state emphatically that they were shooting at cars, and I didn’t know if someone was dead or about to be killed. The police might respond that the suspects’ crimes are serious, and they could face decades in prison for their crimes and my response scared them away when a post-review of the situation shows no person was harmed. Now, it’s just me and the police to sort things out. I’d better call my lawyer. 


Be a good witness; take careful mental notes of the suspects to give to police. Stay on the phone with law enforcement, giving them all the details on the recorded line. Always protect yourself from an imminent deadly threat. But remember, as citizens, we’re obligated to run from trouble — only the police are allowed to run toward trouble. 

Post-script: The above-listed story really occurred as I described. There was no shooting, and the woman wasn’t pulled out of her vehicle, but the rest all happened on an average Tuesday. 

About the Author: Jason Squires

jason squires

Jason Squires is a criminal defense attorney in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. He has been practicing for over 21 years and has handled a multitude of self-defense scenarios. In his off-time, Squires is a three-gun competitor and avid firearms collector. Additional information about Squires can be found on his website:

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This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global.

By now, it’s clear that the world is aware of the changing dynamics in growth prospects for the global economy. After twelve years (2009-2021), where the world’s largest economy was growing very slowly, the millennials and Gen Z demographics are now generating organic growth in the economy. Lowering rates artificially isn’t needed anymore to overcome the demographics cliff.

These age groups, now comprising over one-third of the country’s inhabitants, are searching for better jobs, newer homes, a wife/husband, having children, and moving into adulthood.

They’re going to be responsible for generating higher income tax receipts, servicing the interest payments on the national debt, creating real jobs and incorporating new businesses, and shaping the future of America.


  1. Dominance: Despite calls for the end of the tech sector, as the leading one, before all others, we don’t think that big tech is going to struggle or languish.

We do think emerging tech (the hype bubble that was rampant and prevalent for years) is over!

Investors are waking up to the fact that real growth is happening, so there’s no need to grasp for straws and pay earnings multiples that make no real-world sense for the few businesses that are “going to change the world.”

  1. Interest Rates: Don’t kid yourself that something like the 1970s is coming.

Rates might continue to go up, but nothing like what the inflationists keep harping on.

As opposed to that period, when America was the creditor for the rest of the world, today it’s the empire of debt. Any rise in Treasury yields is a severe drag on Washington’s ability to balance the books.

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) calculated a record-breaking $9.7tn to the deficit until 2030, if rates just creep up by 1.00%.

The bonds bull market, which began in 1982 and lasted nearly 40 years, is over.


I’ve been active this past week, adding to existing positions, entering new ones, and planning my entrance into a number of core positions!

The first part of the “buy low, sell higher” sentence mandates, by definition, that one acts when the panic spreads.


A. Adding cash – I literally built a cash position, equivalent to 30% of the overall portfolio.

In two to three years, you’ll look back at March 2021 and ask yourself why you didn’t buy more.

B. Solar Energy – My two favorite companies, SolarEdge (SEDG) and Enphase (ENPH) have finally come down a lot.

They’ve been on our Watch Lists for years and I’ve been buying.

C. Expensive Tech – I want to take advantage of the balloon deflating and enter into positions, which were so illogically priced thus far that it made no sense.

Therefore, in accordance with our Watch Lists, I entered into positions in BigEcommerce (BIGC), Collective Growth (CGRO), Corsair Gaming (CRSR) and Protalix (PLX).

Each holding represents 1% to 1.5% of the portfolio.

D. Major New Positions – In the next four weeks, we will be revealing two of the highest-conviction speculative holdings in our company’s history.

In order to sell higher, one is forced, by mandate, to buy cheap.

Remember this is the Bible of real investors.

With gold, the bottom is probably within reach. The panic that tightening is coming has been fully discussed by the FED; it’s not planned!

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Gab Down After Refusing To Pay Hackers: The Ruling Class Tyrants Are Trying To Shut Them Down


Social media site Gab is blaming the ruling class “oligarchy tyrants” of trying to shut them down after the site was hacked and Gab refused to pay the ransom.  Gab knows that the ruling class masters are keeping normal people in slavery.

The social media site said the United States is “under occupation” after being forced offline when they refused to pay a ransom in bitcoin to a hacker who had pilfered gigabytes of user data through an exploit.

People are waking up in droves. This is just one more sign that the rulers know their time is limited.  We took the site down to investigate a security breach,” Gab announced on Monday afternoon via their Twitter account. Users trying to log into Gab were greeted with an “internal error” message and told to try again.

“Banks are banning us. Hackers are attacking us. Journalists are libeling us. Why?” Gab tweeted, calling the U.S. “a totally subverted nation under the occupation of a handful of oligarch tyrants who use their power to destroy dissenters.” Any slaves who step out of line and no longer want to be slaves will be targets. We are not supposed to stand up to the master and his enforcers. 

But we are doing it anyway, peacefully.  And that just means something else could be coming. Rulers and masters don’t give up their power so easily.

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

Gab went offline after several verified accounts on the social media platform displayed a ransom note signed “cApTaIn JaXpArO,” claiming credit for the hack and accusing CEO Andrew Torba of lying to his “despicable users” and not caring about their privacy.

The hacker, whose name is a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, claimed that last week’s hack “fully compromised” Gab, including 35 million public and three million private posts, 50,000 emails, 7,000 passwords.

More importantly, they claimed to have obtained 831 verification documents – “which the ransom was about” – but Gab refused to pay eight bitcoin for them. -RT

Gab was founded in 2016 as a free-speech alternative to Twitter, and has been criticized from the start over Torba’s refusal to police what mainstream media called hate speech.”

If we have learned anything in the past year, it’s that those who desire power over others will never give that power up willingly or easily. As more people figure out what’s happening and that they have been slaves to the government for their entire lives, those politicians lose power.  When they lose power, they could try almost anything to regain it.  So please stay alert and make sure you are as prepared for anything as you can be.

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Government Prepares To Stay In Power As People Wake Up To Their Enslavement


When the government prepares to protect itself against those it rules over, we know they know we’ve figured it out.  The good news is that means none of us have to be enslaved to them anymore.  The bad news is that they won’t give up power willingly and we should expect them to try to pull off anything.

We touched on this topic before, and it sure appears that members of the military have chosen to defend the master against us. Of course, why would they choose to protect us when the government pays them in fiat?

David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

General Recommends “Quick Reaction Troops” In DC To Protect The Ruling Class From The Slaves

Commissioned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following the Capitol riot and published on Monday, the security review pointed to major shortfalls at the complex and the surrounding National Capital Region, including issues with police staffing, training, planning, and equipment. The review also found the facility itself could be improved with a permanent “mobile fencing option” to replace the temporary metal barrier currently ringing the Capitol, according to a report by RT. 

“As the [temporary] fencing comes down, we recommend it be replaced with a mobile fencing option that is easily erected and deconstructed and an integrated, retractable fencing system in the long term,” the report said, adding that “Such a solution could enable an open campus while giving security forces better options to protect the complex and its members should a threat develop.”

Conducted over six weeks by a 16-member team led by retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore, the review also found that the Capitol police were “understaffed, insufficiently equipped and inadequately trained” during the riot, suggesting the force add some 854 new staff to remedy “personnel shortfalls.” The new hires would fill gaps for regular officers, intelligence specialists, operational planners, supervisors and trainers, among other roles.

Pointing to a “slow and cumbersome” decision-making process for the Capitol police leadership, Honore’s team recommended the creation of a “quick reaction force” within the DC National Guard or a federal agency, which could be rapidly activated in the event of a crisis. Along the same lines, it also proposed a new “emergency authority” for the DC National Guard commander to deploy forces without authorization during “extraordinary” circumstances. –RT

This just proves how terrified they actually have become.  They know that we are figuring it all out and they are panicking. It’s nice to see the fear on the side of the masters for once as the slaves wake up. But, please still stay vigilant and aware.  Anything can happen. Those who think they have the right to own other humans or those humans’ means of production will not just give up and leave. They will fight to hold onto their power and it will continue to get crazier as more of us wake up.

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The V-Shaped Recovery Never Happened


This article was originally published by Ryan McMaken at The Mises Institute. 

In a display of unconvincing enthusiasm, NBC reported today that payroll employment “surged” in February. Specifically, total nonfarm payrolls (seasonally adjusted) grew 379,000 month over month, which was above the expected increase of 210,000.

That might sound great to some, but a closer look suggests job growth is quite a bit more sedate than the media narrative suggests. Moreover, a look at the job growth situation in recent months is a helpful reminder that the “V-shaped recovery” we were promised last spring never happened.

Some may remember all that talk about a V-shaped recovery last year. That was back when we were being assured that “two weeks”—or maybe two months—to “slow the spread” of covid-19 would pay countless dividends because then lockdowns and forced business closures would somehow miraculously “beat back” the disease and then employment and the economy would come roaring back, the Fed could end its stimulus programs, and everything would be fine.

Back in June, CNBC announced “The recovery from the coronavirus sure looks V-shaped” and pointed to record job growth coming out of the initial collapse in employment that occurred in March and April.

But then the good news basically stopped, at least as far as employment was concerned.

For example, while February’s month-over-month job growth might look impressive, the US remains a long, long way from where total employment was this time last year. In February of last year, before the effects of lockdowns were beginning to be felt, total employment topped 152 million in the US. After this February’s “surge” in employment, total employment was at 143 million, or still down 9 million. In other words, total employment is still where it was back in 2015.


Yes, the US has regained 13 million jobs since the bottom of the crisis back in April 2020. But as we can see in the first graph, total employment has gone sideways since last November and is only up by 200,000 over the past four months. That’s not exactly a “surge” of anything. And it’s definitely not anything resembling a “V-shaped” recovery. It looks more like a very week version of a “check mark-shaped recovery” that some predicted last year. Except the tail end of this checkmark has so far been nearly flat.

And then there is the unemployment insurance totals. New unemployment insurance claims have hovered around between 700,000 and 800,000, every week, for the past five months. There’s no evidence of any downward trend here, and the V-shaped recovery turned into a long slog past the initial anemic “recovery” that took place last summer.


Continuing unemployment claims are slowly lessening, however. Since the beginning of the calendar year, continuing claims have fallen from 5.1 million to 4.2 million.

In both cases, totals remain well within recessionary territory. Back during the Great Recession, for example, continuing claims peaked at 6.6 million. Claims totaled about 1.7 million in 2020 before the recession began.

Unemployment has also remained stubbornly high among those making claims under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. In early January, total continuing claims under the PUA was at 8.3 million, continuing a long slow trend downward. By early March, continuing claims had only fallen to 7.3 million.

That’s progress, but combined with regular unemployment insurance, it means there are still more than ten million Americans receiving some form of unemployment insurance, which hardly suggests a robust recovery.

The unemployment rate remains troublingly high as well. The headline unemployment rate for February was reported as falling to 6.2 percent. That’s certainly an improvement from April 2020’s peak rate of 14.8 percent.

But as is so often the case, the headline rate masks a more complex reality surrounding the unemployment rate.

Although the official rate is 6.2 percent, the Washington Post’s Heather Long notes that the Minnesota Fed’s Neel Kashkari admitted “the true unemployment rate is around 9.5%”

Why the gap? It is a result of several factors, including falling response rates to the Labor Department’s employment surveys, the fact many have simply stopped looking for work, and ambiguities in the data over whether or not someone is only temporarily unemployed.

In other words, the official unemployment calculation excludes a great many people who would like to have jobs, but who gave up and stopped looking for work. Many others are only technically “temporarily” unemployed but in practice are jobless. The official data says many of these people are “on leave.”

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has also admitted that the unemployment rate was likely close to 10 percent in January. Not surprisingly, Kashkari predicts no “liftoff” for the economy until 2022.

Taking all this together, it’s pretty clear the United States is still very much in the midst of a job recession.

Yet, CNBC tells us that the economy is “on fire” because GDP totals may surge in the upcoming first-quarter data. “Economic growth in the first quarter could hit 10%,” CNBC triumphantly proclaims, claiming the economy has “roared back” and is set to defy even the rosiest expectation. But unless something changes big time in the jobs situation, we’ll have to start looking at GDP the way we look at stock prices: something that reflects a lot of optimism and growth in some sectors of the economy but which has very little to do with the personal finances and job prospects of millions of ordinary Americans.

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