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Ultimate Emergency Essentials Guide For All Kinds Of Emergencies

The emergency essentials you need in your emergency kit will vary depending on the kind of emergency you are preparing for. Assemble different kinds...


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Haley Strategic Thorax Plate Carrier: First Look

Haley Strategic is known for thoughtfully-designed products, with a focus on functionality, modularity, and efficiency. They've played in the tactical nylon world for a...

PAMAX Tactical LION: Civilian Flashbang Candidate

When looking at the continuum of force options available to civilians, as opposed to those used by armed professionals in law enforcement and military...

Gun Maintenance Multi Tool: Pocket Preps

Most firearm malfunctions are caused by a lack of proper maintenance. Like any other machine, firearms experience wear and tear after prolonged use. Dirt,...

Urban Survival Challenge: C-Note Shopping Spree

Is survival cost-prohibitive? We asked ourselves that very same thing and decided to challenge a few of our regular contributors to see how far...

OTTE Gear LVZ OVT Plate Carrier

In a world of ever-growing uncertainty, both civilians and armed professionals alike are seeking low-cost, high-value options for both armor and load carriage. We...


POTD: SA80 A2 / L85A2 with ELCAN SpecterOS

Photo Of The Day: Today we have some great reference pictures of the SA80 A2, as used by the United Kingdom. Above, pictured in...

Concealed Carry Corner: Carry Gun Accessory Guide – Part 1

Navigating the world of aftermarket parts, you can find just about anything for a carry pistol. Whether it’s new sights or a mini knife...

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