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First Look: Valhalla Tactical ODA Weapon Light Switch

Valhalla Tactical is a company that doesn't have the same brand recognition as big players in the flashlight market like SureFire, Streamlight, Modlite, and...

First Look: Trailblazer Pivot 9mm Rifle

At SHOT Show 2022, we ventured into the basement in search of hidden gems. If you've ever attended the show in Las Vegas, you'll...

New: DripDrop Powder Fights Dehydration Faster

We’re always skeptical of the next “energy drink” or supplement that touts itself as a restorative solution for fatigue, heat, illness, etc. One of...

First Look: Holosun PID Weapon Light

Although SHOT Show 2022 officially begins tomorrow, today at Industry Day at the Range we got our hands on something brand-new for the first...

Bag Drop: Personal Security Detachment Backpack

Personal Security Detachment (PSD) work isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. The idea that you’re always wearing a black suit with a curly earpiece...


[SHOT 2022] Barnaul Subsonic 9mm Ammunition

At the SHOT Show 2022 Industry Day at the Range, MKS Supply brought the recently released Barnaul subsonic 9x19mm ammunition and offered to test...

[SHOT 2022] Four Peaks Importing the Czech CSV-9 Pistol/SMG

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Four Peaks discussing the import of the CSV-9. This is a handy little Glock-mag-compatible subgun,...

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